Website Design

Starting a website project can be daunting. We make it simple. When we partner with you, your website becomes as important to us as it is to you.

Put simply, your website is our product. We have to get it right.

JDK Design develops websites for small to medium sized businesses, public sector organisations, one-off projects and registered charities throughout Ireland.

We prioritise:

  • Helping you to decide the best way to tell your story.
  • Your audience – we focus on your users and their requirements.
  • Delivering visually interesting websites.
  • Placing emphasis on the user experience and the organic flow of the website.
  • Paying attention to even the smallest detail.

We have three options for website development:

When you work with us to develop a bespoke WordPress site, you are not bound by templates. This gives greater flexibility to achieve a unique look.

WordPress is incredibly powerful, well supported and easy for you to update in-house.

Our bespoke WordPress development package includes:

  • Website and marketing workshops.
  • Optional Content Development services.
  • Presentation of static design website mock-ups prior to the build.
  • Excellent project management and communication throughout the process.
  • Training guides and Zoom training sessions on how to manage your website.
  • Annual Website Technical Maintenance services.
  • Optional Website care and updating services.

We can work with you to develop a website on Shopify, Squarespace or Wix. It is a halfway house between a bespoke site and build your own.

Shopify, Squarespace and Wix are very powerful website builders that enable anyone to set up their own website. The truth is though, that setting up a website requires a great deal of thought and has steep learning curves. All that takes time – time you might be better off putting into your core business.

This option requires a bit more input from you than a fully bespoke WordPress site.

How it works:

  1. We start with a workshop to understand your goals, which will help you to develop content.
  2. After that you set up an account on your preferred platform and choose the template you want us to work with.
  3. You supply us with content* and give us access to work on your template.
  4. We populate the template, incorporating user flow navigation, prominent calls to action, forms, pop ups etc.
  5. When the site is complete we can offer simple ‘how to’ training and then we hand all over to you.

*You can of course also avail of Content Development services alongside this option.

The benefits of having help with a Shopify, Squarespace or Wix website are:

  • A professional eye – we can bring out the very best in the template you choose.
  • We ensure the navigation of your site is thoroughly thought through and implemented.
  • Time – this is a big one! People can easily underestimate how long the process takes when it is handled in-house.

If you do have the time it can be fun to develop your own website.

If you decide to go down the self development route then we also offer a consultancy service to give you a bit more confidence.

Our consultancy package includes:

  • A two hour website workshop at the outset of the project to help you frame your requirements and advise on a structure.
  • A two hour review of your content highlighting any potential gaps – or letting you know if there is too much! We offer Content Development services if you find you do need help writing your content.
  • A one hour review when you have completed your prototype website (We do not offer training on the technicalities of how to develop websites).
  • A one hour review of the final website.

As a guide:

The consultancy package is €850 +Vat

  • Our websites are fully optimised from the outset.
  • When we work with clients on Content Development we incorporate keyword research and optimisation.
  • We advise on how to manage tools like Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your website.
  • We can design add on services such as email marketing, social media graphics and branded Canva Template Packages.

JDK Design Website Design Portfolio

If you would like to see our comprehensive portfolio please do get in touch!

Website Design

A dynamic portal website that presents the Sligo: Live Invest Visit brand. An initiative of the Sligo Economic Forum in conjunction with Sligo County Council to support Sligo as a world class place in which to live green, invest smart and visit sustainably.

Website Design, Print Design, Brand Development

Working with Roscommon Tourism we explored how to communicate the many ways to Explore Roscommon. We built a brand presence around their existing logo and developed a vibrant website that showcases Roscommon, the Land of Memories. We carried the brand through a range of marketing assets.

Website Design, Content Development

The challenge was to develop an engaging, accessible website that clearly communicated the may ways Sligo Leader Partnership CLG help and support communities and individuals.

Through workshops and research we identified the best ways to present information to varied audience profiles.

Sligo Leader

Website Design, Brand Development, Content Development, Print Design

The key objective was to tell the story of the fascinating King House and illustrate what is on offer to the visitor. Through workshops, research and an inspiring tour of the house we were able to advise on a photography brief, develop engaging content and portray the magnificence of the house through a carefully designed website.

Leitrim Tourism

Website Design, Content Development, Print Design

We worked with Leitrim Tourism to nurture their brand, pulling together all that Leitrim has to offer into a visually strong website. Through workshops and research we were able to gain a clear overview of the Leitrim Tourism product and develop a website that takes the user on a journey through the stunning county of Leitrim.

First Western

Website Design

First Western is a leading Development and Project Management Support Organisation.

The core objectives of their website was to build a strong online presence that reflected their ethos and expertise, showcasing the depth of services available.

First Western

Women For Election

Website Design, Print and Digital Media Design

Women for Election inspires, equips and supports women to succeed in Irish Politics. The goal in developing their website was to present the different areas of their organisation: Training programmes for women throughout their political career; informative events; their key role in bringing about systemic and cultural change; and research projects undertaken.

Women for Election

Website Design, Print Design, Brand Development is an information portal for the public consultation process of the Roscommon County Development Plan 2021-2028. It features Issues papers, news, videos and timelines of the consultation process. We worked with Roscommon County Council to develop an overarching brand for the project and designed the printed Development Plan and a series of supporting documents.

Ros Dev Plan

Website Design, Print Design

The Northern and Western Regional Assembly (NWRA) is one of three Regional Assemblies in the Republic of Ireland. We worked with them to develop a website that communicates their objectives through three inter-related functional areas: Better Places, Competitiveness, Collaboration.

We have also worked with NWRA on a number of print and digital documents including the design of their Regional Spatial & Economic Strategy 2020-2032 (RSES).



Website Design, Brand Assets

The Irish Regions European Office (IREO) is a specialised support service which acts as a bridge between Irish local and regional government and the European Union. We worked with them to develop a new logo and brand palette and develop a website that demonstrates their role in guiding stakeholders through the Brussels scene and promoting Irish interests at the European level.


Marram Coaching

Website Design, Content Development

We worked with Marram Coaching to bring about a website that reflects their calm, engaging professional way of working. Through workshops we worked to ensure delivery of a consistent, engaging tone of voice and worked through ideas of how to communicate their varied services.

Marram Coaching

Website Design, Content Development, Print Design, Brand Development

DVR Galway support women effected by domestic abuse. The challenge in developing the website was to enable the website fulfill multiple functions: To raise awareness of domestic violence; to be a friendly space that women could easily locate help; to grow visibility of their Educational Training Programmes. The established brand presence was carried through to a number of printed leaflets.

DVR Galway

Yeats Society Sligo

Website Design

Yeats Society Sligo are a central hub for literary culture and the arts. Their website encompasses four key areas: the Yeats International Summer School; the Yeats Building visitor centre; Hyde Bridge Gallery; and a regular programme of events.

Yeats Society Sligo

Website Design, Brand Development, Print and Digital Media Design

Spot-lit is a project that aims to grow the literary tourism sector in the Northern Periphery and Arctic region. Our challenge was to create a visually engaging brand, website and assets that inspired SMEs and tourism providers to develop attractions and events.

Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC)

Website Design, Brand, Printed and Digital Assests

The Atlantic Economic Corridor initiative provides an opportunity to create an accelerated, more responsive pathway for regional development in Ireland. We worked with them to develop a brand, website, promotional materials and guides to communicate their vision of creating a unified, connected and powerful Atlantic economy.