Content Development

We offer a content development service for clients who would value an outside perspective on their content or who do not have the time or in-house resources to generate content.

Our approach

We work with you to communicate to your audience in your voice. Using raw content supplied and information gleaned during workshops, we work with clients to refine copy and develop content. Together we ensure it communicates your core message and meets the objective of your project.

When writing for websites we are always mindful of SEO. The content of a website should always be written with the target audience in mind, but if you want to optimise your website from an SEO perspective, the copy should also be mindful of SEO keywords/phrases.

We begin the process of generating website copy with keyword research. Working with you, we will identify the best-fit keywords based on your target markets, marketing goals, competitor websites and search volumes.

JDK Design Content Development Portfolio

If you would like to see our comprehensive portfolio please do get in touch!

Website Design, Content Development

The challenge was to develop an engaging, accessible website that clearly communicated the may ways Sligo Leader Partnership CLG help and support communities and individuals.

Through workshops and research we identified the best ways to present information to varied audience profiles.

Sligo Leader

Website Design, Brand Development, Content Development, Print Design

The key objective was to tell the story of the fascinating King House and illustrate what is on offer to the visitor. Through workshops, research and an inspiring tour of the house we were able to advise on a photography brief, develop engaging content and portray the magnificence of the house through a carefully designed website.

Leitrim Tourism

Website Design, Content Development, Print Design

We worked with Leitrim Tourism to nurture their brand, pulling together all that Leitrim has to offer into a visually strong website. Through workshops and research we were able to gain a clear overview of the Leitrim Tourism product and develop a website that takes the user on a journey through the stunning county of Leitrim.

Marram Coaching

Website Design, Content Development

We worked with Marram Coaching to bring about a website that reflects their calm, engaging professional way of working. Through workshops we worked to ensure delivery of a consistent, engaging tone of voice and worked through ideas of how to communicate their varied services.

Marram Coaching

Website Design, Content Development, Print Design, Brand Development

DVR Galway support women effected by domestic abuse. The challenge in developing the website was to enable the website fulfill multiple functions: To raise awareness of domestic violence; to be a friendly space that women could easily locate help; to grow visibility of their Educational Training Programmes. The established brand presence was carried through to a number of printed leaflets.

DVR Galway