Atlantic Economic Corridor

The AEC is the term applied to a non-administrative or “linear” region along the Western seaboard, stretching from Kerry to Donegal. The aim is to build and increase collaboration within the AEC that maximises its assets, attracts investment and creates jobs and prosperity in the region.

Cork Tech Talent

The Cork Tech Talent Relocation Survey, a project undertaken by recruitment and HR services group Collins McNicholas, in conjunction with Cork Chamber, IDA Ireland and Cork City Council, set out to examine case studies of those who have relocated to Cork to take up some of the business and lifestyle opportunities there.

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The State We Are In

SAFE Ireland is a national social change agency working on domestic violence issues in Ireland. This publication is an analysis of how safe Ireland actually is for women and children living with violence in their homes and lives.

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Sligo – Ready to Grow

This strategic document submitted to Ireland’s National Planning Framework process outlines a  vision for Sligo to be the regional growth centre for the North-West.

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Threshold Report

Threshold is an independent frontline advice and advocacy service for people with housing problems and people at risk of homelessness. Their annual reports highlight housing issues, utilising infographic statistics and case studies of people at risk of homelessness.

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The online guide to Business, Work and Life in the West of Ireland. provides information for individuals setting up a business or looking to relocate to the West and reaches its audience via the website, social channels and printed media.

Safe Ireland

SAFE Ireland is a national social change agency working on domestic violence issues in Ireland. Their website provides help, information and runs awareness raising campaigns.


The Northern and Western Regional Assembly is crafting a vision for Ireland’s North West region that is vibrant, connected, natural, inclusive and smart. The website communicates this through three main themes of ‘Better Places’ , ‘Competitiveness’ and ‘Collaboration’.

Invest Roscommon

Investment brochure appealing to enterprises seeking to locate in a place that provides access to the latest enabling infrastructure and technologies for growth sectors, immersed in a rich culture and heritage with a fantastic quality of life.

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Suicide Prevention in the Community

A guide book detailing practical measures for promoting positive mental health, learning coping strategies and for groups of concerned people who come together in response to a suicide in their community. The cover illustration represents ‘the fractured self’.

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Coeliac Living Magazine

Quarterly magazine providing information and support to people diagnosed with coeliac disease throughout Ireland. Promoting awareness of coeliac disease, its symptoms and how to live healthily on a gluten free diet.

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Sharing Our Futures

A book celebrating the work of the PEACE III Programme in Sligo, which seeks to make Sligo a community where diversity of ethnicity, religion and political values are welcomed, at a local and cross-border level.

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