Exploration Days

We offer a limited number of Exploration Days throughout the year. It is a unique opportunity to take a birds eye view of your business or project. It is a great day that will leave you feeling motivated and connected to your brand.

Together we delve into how you could improve your communication tools, we look at your marketing objectives, we explore the best use of your budget. We put you through your paces and we give you honest advice.

Ideal for

  • New start-ups: Investigating tools they need and the best way to use their budget.
  • Organisations preparing tenders: Scoping a brief for a large project.
  • Analysis of your existing communication tools.
  • Working through ideas on how to improve an existing website.
  • Teams with differing views on how to move a brand forward.

Free agent

There are zero clauses to the day. You remain a free agent.

You take plans and information with you and you are as free as a bird to work with any design team you like on your project.

This is particularly valuable process for tenders. Getting a designer overview before you go out to tender can highlight any obstacles with the tender and offer new solutions you may want to include in the tender document.

As a guide: Full day (6 hours – can be split over 2 sessions): €850 +Vat | Half day (3 hours): €495 +Vat